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Storm Damage

Weather can be destructive, and storms often leave your roof needing attention. Wind can cause creased or missing shingles. Hail impact will leave your shingles without necessary granules. Maybe fallen tree limbs have caused damage. Storm damage is covered by your insurance, so always have it inspected to determine if a repair is needed.

Improper Installation

Choosing the right roofer is so important! When a roofing system is installed incorrectly, buckling shingles, backed out nails, and poor flashing work leave you with a roof that is susceptible to leaks and frankly doesn’t look great. Unfortunately we see this a lot, but with one of our warrantied repairs we can get you back on track!

Aged Roof

Long term damage to a roof is inevitable and normal, and at some point repairs are no longer an option. Excessive granule loss, deteriorating shingles, and rotting decking are good signs that your roof is ready to go. If you’re ready for a replacement, give us a call! We’ll send an estimator to evaluate your roof, put together an honest quote, and run you through it all in the same visit. For more info, check our roof replacements page!