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It can be hard to separate the good roofing companies from the great. At Tim Leeper Roofing, there are a few ways we go above and beyond, and we think it’s important you know exactly how.

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High-quality Underlayment

Some companies will use a cheaper underlayment, and since it’s under your shingles, you might never know.

We always use the highest quality synthetic underlayment and ice & water shield. It best protects your home, and that’s that.


The Right Nails, and the Right Amount

We use a nail specifically designed to not back out of your roof decking, called a ring shank nail. This insures your roof will stay put, as you'd expect it to.

Additionally, we go above minimum standards of 4 nails per shingle tab, and instead put 6 nails in each. This increases your shingle's wind rating and keeps the roof on your home longer.

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Lead Pipe Boots

We use lead pipe boots, custom painted to match your roof. They never dry and crack, protecting your pipe ventilation forever. Securing them with pole barn screws makes absolutely certain they're not going anywhere.


Leave It How We Found It

You take pride in your home, and so do we. Our goal is always to leave your home the way we found it: clean and undamaged.

We use boards to protect your garage doors, windows, shrubbery, HVAC unit, and all other vulnerable areas. We use tarps to collect any old shingles and debris on the ground. Lastly, we run a high powered magnet through your yard to pick up any fallen nails, and haul away the debris and materials from your old roof.


Offering Total Peace of Mind

Dealing with your roof can be nerve-racking, but we are here to offer the peace of mind you deserve. An on-site supervisor will manage your roof replacement from start to finish. Photos are taken throughout to properly document your installation. Lastly, we offer the best workmanship warranties on both replacements and repair jobs, to ensure you’re covered no matter what.

We do all this to earn your trust and your business.

If you need a roof repair or replacement, schedule a free and honest estimate with us now!