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Storm damage to our residential or commercial roofing system is something we all will probably face at some point in our life. While we can't control Mother Nature, we can control what we do to prevent storm damage and how we respond when it happens. Tim Leeper Roofing is the trusted name for Nashville local roofers. We offer the best residential and commercial roofing systems, as well as help with storm damage. We bring a new level of excellence to our work, guaranteeing your satisfaction. Get in touch for a free estimate today!


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Image of broken shingles


  • Cracked shingles or tile

  • Granules littering your yard

  • Dents in your shingles, metal, or other roofing material

  • Exposed nails

  • Shingles lifted

  • Damage to flashing and gutters

  • Leaks inside your building

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If you see signs of storm damage, you need to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. If your residential or commercial roof has indeed suffered storm damage, its integrity could be compromised, putting your roof at risk. A professional Nashville roofing company, such as Tim Leeper Roofing, can assess your roof and tell you if you have storm damage and the extent of the damage.

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Image of a damaged house


After a storm, you will want to walk around your entire home, looking for damage. It's a good idea to take pictures of what you find, such as shingles or granules in the yard, or any hanging shingles. If a tree branch or a tree itself fell on your home, photograph that as well. Tim Leeper Roofing does not recommend you climb up on your Nashville home's roof for an inspection, as the structural integrity could be affected. Leave this to your professional local roofing company.

Image of leaky gutters


When a storm hits, most homeowners and business owners immediately think only of their roof. In reality, your gutters are extremely vulnerable, and if a hail storm blows through Nashville, odds are, your gutters received damage. When walking around your building, look for dents in your gutters, as well as your building's overhangs and gables. Sometimes, a section of gutter may even blow off in a powerful wind storm. Remember to take photos, collect the pieces, and call your local Nashville roofer, Tim Leeper Roofing, who can offer a free estimate and work with your insurance on a storm damage claim.

Image of a smashed window


Windows can sustain damage during a storm. If a tree branch falls or is blown your way, your windows can be shattered and may even break altogether. While this is an obvious storm damage you'll want to note, chipped or cracked windows can be missed during your initial inspection. Remember to check the window sills and look for torn screens, too. You may even find loose weather-stripping that will need to be replaced.

Image of a smashed light

Home or Office's Exterior and Exterior Areas

A storm can cause severe damage all around. When looking for storm damage, remember to check everything outside your home, too. A fence picket may be damaged or missing. Flat surfaces are extremely vulnerable from hail, so check your patio, pergola, pool area, and more. Your patio furniture may have taken a beating, as well as your outdoor lighting. Hail can break your outdoor lights quite easily. Take assessment and photos for your insurance adjuster.

Image of damaged attic

Attic and Ceilings

One clear sign of storm damage to your roof is water leaks that come into your home from the attic or the ceiling. These are especially troublesome because you may not be able to see the leak with a cursory roof inspection from the ground. If your roof has a leak and it's small, it can only affect your attic, so it's a good idea to climb up and inspect it. Check your ceiling for watermarks or obvious drips. And one other area people forget to inspect is their light fixtures. Water can pool in these unbeknownst to you.


Most types of storm damage to your residential or commercial roof in Nashville is covered by our homeowner's or business's insurance policy. After you have confirmation from your local roofer of storm damage to your home, you should call your insurance company right away in order to initiate the process for repairs.


Tim Leeper Roofing has over 17 years of experience dedicated to bringing the people of the greater Nashville area the best residential and commercial roofing systems. If you suspect storm damage to your roof, give us a call today!

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