Low slope roofing is effective for a variety of buildings. Whether you have a low slope roof on the annex of your house, a commercial property, or a freestanding structure on your residential property, you may benefit from installing coating for your low slope roof. Low slope roof coating can provide a wealth of benefits to your building, so be sure to keep reading or contact Tim Leeper Roofing today for more information.

In Nashville, we can get some wild weather that fluctuates rapidly. In order to protect yourself, your tenants, and your interior, it is wise to have a low slope roof solution that stands up to the elements. Without a low slope roof solution, like a roof coating paint, you may be at risk of having a leaky roof.

At Tim Leeper Roofing, we believe in supplying Nashville homes and buildings with the best roofs possible. Whether that means we are installing roof shingles, a brand-new metal roof, or applying low slope roof solutions, Tim Leeper Roofing is dedicated to providing the best customer service and roofing solutions for Nashville and the surrounding area.

Low Slope Roof System

For starters, low slope roof systems tend to be more susceptible to leaks and water damage. The reason behind this is that low slope roofs aren’t able to drain water as efficiently as a roof that has steeper sloping. Because low slope roofs can’t shed water as efficiently as other roofs, they rely on watertight membranes that ensure water doesn’t leak through.

Having a watertight membrane on your roof presents some unique challenges. Roofs are exposed to extreme UV radiation from the sun, as well as possible hail, snow, or other freezing condition, making it incredibly difficult to have a waterproof membrane that can survive the elements. All of these weather and environmental conditions require durable materials and skilled technicians who can properly install a coating for your low slope roof.

There are many different kinds of materials used to create a watertight low slope roof. One of the most common solutions for a low slope roof is using roof coating paint. Roof coating paints typically are made out of elastomeric roof sealant that provides a flexible, durable, and watertight seal for your roof.

There are also epoxy systems that can be applied to your roof that will help make it more durable and watertight. Epoxy roof systems are favorable for conditions that may expose them to chemical or salt exposure. Another popular roof coating solution includes an acrylic elastomeric roof coating. This material is popular for a low-cost alternative to other procedures.

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