For more than 15 years, Tim Leeper Roofing has called Old Hickory its home. As one of the most beautiful and cherished suburbs of Nashville, Old Hickory is the perfect place to settle down, start a business, raise a family, or just relax and retire. No matter where you are in life, it’s incredibly important to take care of your home. One of the most neglected parts of a home is the roof.

At Tim Leeper Roofing, we have been helping the residents of Old Hickory maintain and reinstall their roofs for years. We have an excellent reputation as one of the best roofing companies in the greater Nashville area. We work to bring the best possible customer experience while giving you the best roofing services possible. Whether you need repairs done on a low slope commercial building roof or you need someone to look at the shingles on your home’s roof, Tim Leeper Roofing can help you out. Be sure to call us today at 615-553-2782 if you have any questions or comments.

Tim Leeper Roofing: Services in Old Hickory

The weather in Old Hickory, like much of Nashville and the surrounding area, can be unpredictable. One day you can have the brightest sunny day, and the next day, you may be dealing with a hail storm that is dropping softball-sized hail on your roof. The important thing to remember is that taking care of your roof and making sure you have a professional roofing contractor work on it will keep you safe and keep anyone else in your home or commercial building safe.

If you notice anything is wrong with your roof, whether it be a small leak in your attic or some missing shingles that you need replaced, one of the most important steps you can take towards mitigating damage is calling a trusted, reliable roofing contractor. If you happen to be in Old Hickory, fortunately, you have one of Nashville’s most trusted roofing companies right in your backyard! Tim Leeper Roofing will be over to your home in close to no time so that your home can stay safe and protected no matter what the weather is doing.

We provide residential homeowners with a wide variety of roofing services that range from replacing shingles to replacing entire roofs with metal roofs. If you have a commercial property that needs a new roof or needs roof repairs, Tim Leeper Roofing can also help with that. We specialize in providing commercial property owners with a wide variety of different roof coatings for low slope roofs and flat roofs in Old Hickory.

Tim Leeper Roofing is dedicated to providing Nashville and the surrounding suburbs, like Old Hickory, with the best roofing solutions available. No matter what you need done, always call Tim Leeper Roofing to get a Speedy Fast Quote® and to get your roof up and running as soon as possible. Call us today at 615-553-2782.