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Residential Roof Replacement

Choosing the right roofer can be difficult. Here's what you can expect from Nashville's most trusted roofing company!

Our teams will first tear off the existing roof layers down to the roof deck. If there is any damaged deck, we'll replace it!


We install ice & water shield at every valley, penetration, and wall flashing, as well as Owens Corning Pro Armor synthetic underlayment on the remaining roof deck.

Next we kick off the shingle layer with Owens Corning starter strip shingles, designed to seal shingles down at the roof edges and protect from wind uplift.

At Tim Leeper Roofing, we use "ring shank nails". Unlike typical roofing nails, these do not back out over time. We also exceed the minimum nail standard by securing every shingle with 6 nails!

We install new aluminum step flashing at all sidewall transitions, custom counter flashing at all brick wall transitions, and lead pipe boot flashing at all vent pipes.

Lastly, we install Owens Corning Pro Edge on all hips and ridges, gutter apron drip edge where it's needed, and remove and patch existing roof vents.

We refuse to leave a mess! Our teams clean thoroughly, haul away debris in a cost included dumpster, and run a heavy-duty magnet over the entire site, TWICE!

All our replacements are accompanied by an onsite supervisor to oversee the entire installation, and your roof comes with a (transferable) 20 year workmanship warranty.

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