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When a leak occurs on a flat roof, damage often goes unnoticed for considerable time as water penetrates and soaks the upper layer of the roofing system. This doesn't always create active leaks right away, and if left can rot and weaken the roof structure, creating expensive repair damage. Unlike many commercial roofing companies, our teams are equipped and trained to

spot the hidden problems with FLIR thermal imaging


What Is FLIR?

Forward-looking Infrared, or FLIR, uses a thermographic camera that senses infrared radiation, rather than visible light. This technology can detect differences in heat as small as 0.01°C, and then output that image in a variety of color spectrums.


Why Use FLIR on a Roof?

As a roof surface cools, any water that has found it's way underneath cools more slowly. This moisture inside your roof system creates a temperature difference that can be found and displayed using FLIR. These leak areas would otherwise be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to locate.


What can you expect from our thermal inspection?

  • We typically begin at dusk, as the roof begins to cool.
  • First, a core sample is taken and re-sealed. This allows us to determine the current roof system and set the proper thermal settings.
  • The entire roof surface is scanned, and all areas of water intrusion are recorded.
  • Next, the photographs (both of actual photo and thermal) are studied, inspection notes are recorded, and a work order recommendation is determined.
  • We provide all notes, photographs, and our detailed recommendation in a Thermal Roof Inspection Report.

Is all Thermal Imaging the same?

No way! It's important to realize that thermal imaging tools come in all shapes and sizes. Many thermal cameras simply don't make the cut when it comes to properly analyzing and diagnosing commercial roof leaks. We bring top of the line equipment to make sure the job is done right and all potential leaks are found.

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