Tim Leeper Roofing has years of experience providing award-winning roofing services to the Nashville area. In these blog posts, our goal is to share some of this experience — specifically, we want to help our readers get a better understanding of their residential or commercial roofs. Blog post topics include Pros and Cons Of Metal Roofing, Why Fall Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof, How To Mitigate Roof Damage Caused By Wind, and more. If you find yourself in need of reliable Nashville roofing contractors, contact the pros at Tim Leeper Roofing!

  1. What Material is Right for My Roof Pitch?

    In our last blog, we went over the concept of roof pitch and how it is denoted. We hope this will give you a head-start in your research and the conversations you have with roofers! Today, we are goin…Read More

  2. Roof Pitch 101

    So, it's time to choose a material for your new roof. Are all roof materials up for consideration? Nope. Your roof's job is to protect your property from the elements and shed water. We are going to f…Read More