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In our last blog, we explored two reasons why roof shingles curl. Today, we have two last reasons to give you.dreamstime_xxl_14387018

You have more than one layer of shingles

  • Whether you inherited your roof or decided at one point to install new shingles over the old, it’s always bad news. In some areas, it’s even illegal. Not only does it inflict serious weight on your home’s structure, it’s nearly impossible for new shingles to seal over old ones. As a result, they will peel off in high winds and curl easily.

Your attic is too hot and humid

  • All roofs are ventilated; it’s the only way to prevent heat and moisture from getting trapped in your attic. When you don’t have adequate ventilation pulling air in from the outside, the roof deck gets hot and suddenly, your shingles are dealing with trouble from both sides. This makes them wear down faster, which means fading and curling.

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