Your roof is important. Whether we are talking about the roof of your business or home, Tim Leeper Roofing is ready to give it the care it needs. We understand that the roof stands between you and the elements, and we take this very seriously.

Roofs can last for many years, but eventually, they all need to be replaced. If you are facing roof replacement, rest assured that we are here to put you first and find a solution that fulfills your needs and budget. We took our last blog to discuss important things to know before you get your roof replaced. Today, we have a few more important things to keep in mind!

Navigate Materials and Cost

We have gone over the different types of roofing materials in past blogs. When you get a quote from us, we will present different types of roofing materials and how much they cost. There are a number of different factors that will affect the price, including the type of shingle the pitch of your roof, and the roof size. Keep in mind that any roof contractor will have room to negotiate, though some may try to convince you otherwise. Feel free to haggle!

Find the Best Roofing Season

In general, early spring to late fall is the roofing season. A good roofer will have a large team that can quickly remove and replace your roof, which allows them to avoid weather complications.

In our next blog, we will review exactly what goes into the roof replacement process. For now, contact us for unmatched commercial roofing and beyond in Nashville!