Are you worried about your roof? Are you wondering if you should be worried about your roof? Good news: your roof will tell you!

When a roof is having trouble, it shows it. Each problem has preliminary symptoms, and those are the ones you want to know. By knowing the signs a troubled roof, you can preempt expensive repairs and save money. At Tim Leeper Roofing, we work hard to empower our clients to know when to contact us. In our last blog, we shared two signs that something’s up, including curling shingles and sunlight in your attic. Today, we have two more signs!

The shingles are coated in algae or mossdreamstime_6448011

  • The Tennessee climate is humid and tends to be friendly toward moss and algae. The good news is, if you see either on your roof, it isn’t an emergency. It’s more of an aesthetic issue. If you don’t like the way it looks, please don’t climb up and scrape it off! You will damage your shingles and end up paying money to fix them. Instead, contact us for solutions. We can install zinc strips that will fix the problem over time. We can also give you advice on more immediate

Whole shingles are gone

  • There is not a number of shingles your roof can be missing and still be okay. Whether we get high winds or your roof is old, if you’re losing shingles, it’s time to get help immediately. Your roof is a unified system that works to keep the rest of your home clean and dry. If any part of the system is lost, it can’t do its job, and you’ll have to pay the price.

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