How Can I Protect My Roof From Sun Damage

As we mentioned in part one of this blog post series, there is little you can do to stop the sun from affecting your roof. However, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that you catch minor problems caused by the sun before they become big, costly problems. Below are a few of the most effective protective measures.

Roof Inspections

There is no better way to ensure the integrity of your roof than with regular roof inspections. Every few months, drag out your ladder, place it securely against your home, and head up on your roof for an inspection. It is especially important to get your roof inspected in the fall, following the summer’s punishing heat. Additionally, when performing your inspection, it is imperative that you tread cautiously (remember, walking on your roof can cause more damage than the sun and weather). If you don’t feel confident performing your inspection, don’t do it. Leave it up to professional roofing contractors. We’re always ready to help!

Roof Repairs

To slow down the decay of your roof, it is crucial to stay on top of inspections and roof maintenance. Making certain tasks, like clearing drains and repairing damaged flashing, can make all the difference to the long-term success of your roof. Keep in mind that, for the untrained eye, not all roof damages are glaringly apparent. If you are unsure about the condition and integrity of your roofing system, it’s best to have a professional roofing company take a look. Professionals will be able to identify emerging problems before they cause serious damage. And in the end, paying a roofer to inspect and then repair is much cheaper than repairing a problem that only came to your attention after it seeped through the roof, attic, and into your home. 

Roof Replacements

Whether it’s after 20 years of use or a massive hailstorm, no one wants to hear that their roof needs to be replaced. However, sometimes a full roof replacement is the smartest, most cost-effective solution. Plus, chances are that there is a roofing option out there that is stronger and longer lasting than your previous roof. As experienced roofing contractors, we can attest to this — industry advancements are allowing homeowners to get more out of their investment in a full roof replacement.

Your Nashville Roofing Pros

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