A majority of homeowners don’t know much about their roof warranties. Generally, when it comes to roofing, people just want it to work, and because it’s generally out of sight, it ends up being out of mind, too. When something goes wrong, the owners is ill-equipped to handle the issue. At Tim Leeper Roofing, we consider ourselves allies of Nashville home and business owners. We are here to educate and provide roofing services you can count on.

In our last blog, we discussed how the installation of your roof affects the warranty and how a roofer who cuts corners can invalidate a warranty. We also discussed how a professional inspector will be able to assess your roof and determine if it was installed correctly or not. Today, we have two more important points to make about roof warranties.

How Do I Learn About My Roof Warranty?

To know what warranty you have, you need to know which product was installed. The good news is, many roof installers will leave a bundle of shingles behind for repairs. If you can find that bundle, check out the back to find the warranty information. You can also go to the manufacturer’s website and do your research there.

What If My Warranty is Invalid?

There’s good news for you! Contractors can do a lot to bring your roof back up to code. For instance, ventilation is a common trouble spot – some roofers just don’t install good ventilation systems. We can come in and fix that, bringing your roof back to where it needs to be.

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