Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, one of your closest allies is your roof. It works constantly to keep your home or business dry, safe, and comfortable. It’s a significant investment, and like your refrigerator or washer, it has a warranty. Many homeowners don’t know much about their warranties, which makes them vulnerable to contractors who don’t have their best interests in mind. In our next few blogs, we are going to share some insights on roof warranties that should help you make decisions.

What the Average Roofer Doesn’t Want You to Know About Your Warranty

Shingle manufacturers know exactly how their shingles should be installed, and any good roofing company will be very familiar with each style. It’s part of our job! It’s important, because if corners are cut and the shingles get installed incorrectly, the warranty won’t count any more. That is why finding a great roofing company is so important. A company that doesn’t make quality a priority will only make trouble for you.

How to Find Out if the Warranty is Valid

The only way roof warranties are invalidated is if the materials get installed incorrectly. Otherwise, the warranty should be valid. If you aren’t sure of your warranty, you need to have a professional inspector come in and ensure that the roof’s installation followed the manufacturer’s specifications.

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