Don’t let the different types of roofs confuse you! When it’s time to get a new roof, we are here to help. The material you choose will depend on your needs, wants, and budget. A critical aspect of the roof to consider is its lifespan. A long-lasting roof will keep replacement at at distance, but the longest-lasting roofs cost the most, as we will see!

In our last blog, we discussed metal and wood shake roofs. We are on our way to the longest-lasting roofs, and we have arrived! Read on!

2. Spanish Clay Tile Roof – 100-year lifespan

You can travel through old California missions, and you will find original tiles. There are even older roofs in Spain and South America. This is without a doubt one of the toughest roofs there is. As you may expect, the tiles are vulnerable to cracking, so if you get a tile roof, refrain from walking on it and let professionals maintain it.

1. Slate Roof – More than 100 year lifespan

Slate roofs surpass all other roofing materials by a long shot. Because they are made of real stone and installed in a thick layer, they can stand up to centuries of the elements. There are roofs from Shakespeare’s time that are still strong! The Achilles heel of slate roofs is their weight. Proper framing is absolutely essential, or the roof will crush the rest of the building!

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