Myths prevent people from making the best choices for their roofs. At Tim Leeper Roofing, we have noticed that metal roofing is especially susceptible to myths. People believe all kinds of things that aren’t true about it. There are a few myths that just keep coming up, and they warp people’s ability to make wise choices for their homes and businesses.

In our last blog, we debunked the myths that metal roofs are noisy and easily dented by hail. Today, we have two more myths to bust!

MYTH: Metal roofs attract lightning.

Though we can see the logic behind this, it is the most absurd of all metal roofing myths. Metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other roof – metal doesn’t attract electricity; it simply conducts it. In fact, metal roofing is preferred when it comes to lightning, because it won’t catch fire from a lightning strike.

MYTH: Metal roofing gets rusty.

Though older metal roofs may rust, any roof you get today is bonded with a metallic zinc and aluminum coating that will prevent all rust. Because rust has been an issue in the past, aggressive solutions are the result. You can rest assured that many others have worried about rusting and they have done something about it. You can enjoy the benefits!

If you are looking into metal commercial roofing, you need an experienced roofer for all installation. Contact Tim Leeper Roofing for expert craftsmanship from professionals who will always go the extra mile.