What comes to mind when you think of metal roofing? We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least one myth in there. Are you aware of it? In our years providing quality commercial roofing to Nashville, we consistently run into a few myths. They may have been true when metal roofs were newer, but metal roofing has been aggressively improved and developed in the past few decades. Metal roofing has left the myths behind, and you should, too. We are going to take a couple of blogs to clear them up. Read on!

MYTH: Metal roofs are noisy.

It’s easy to assume that a metal roof will be deafening during a hailstorm or heavy winds. However, it simply doesn’t happen. Ironically, properly-installed metal roofs are quieter than other materials. Their construction offers superior noise management.

MYTH: Hail storms dent and damage metal roofs.

While extremely large hail stones can dent anything, metal roofs stand up to hail for decades without showing damage. Additionally, they are durable enough to withstand abuse from heavy snow and winds up to 120 mph. That means a metal roof can stand up to an F2 tornado. It certainly can handle the gusts of wind that come with a hailstorm!

Metal roofs deliver profound benefits, but only if they are installed by experts. Tim Leeper Roofing has installed metal roofs for years. We know what it takes to construct a roof that will stick with you for decades and last through all sorts of weather. Contact us to learn more about metal roofing today!