Flat roofs offer unique advantages and disadvantages, but if you make sure yours is coated correctly, you can depend on tons of advantages. There are several common types of roof coatings, and each provides excellent protection in its own way. In our last three blogs, we explored acrylic, silicone, and spray foam roof coatings. Today, we are going to look at the last common type of coating: SEBS (thermoplastic) coatings. Keep in mind, flat roof coatings have tripled in the last 25 years, so there are many more types to choose from. These are simply the most proven types.

Thermoplastic elastomer roof coatings are also called SEBS (Styrene Ethylbutylene Styrene). People prefer the acronym for obvious reasons!

SEBS were created to be an effective, affordable coating for metal roofs, but they can also be used on urethane foam, concrete, and beyond. Highly resistant to being washed off, SEBS offer elite adhesion and low permeability.

They are a great option for roofs that see more ponding than others, because their low permeability can resist algae and fungi. They also have no trouble covering seams and fasteners, making their UV-resistant properties incredibly effective.

If you own a building with a flat roof, you have many economical, effective solutions. In many cases, we can make your flat roof more worry-free than any other type of roof. When considering flat roof coatings, make sure you contact Tim Leeper Roofing. Our team is dedicated to putting your interests first and treating your property as if it is our own. We understand that when you contact a professional for help with roofing, the health of the building in question hangs in the balance. We take our responsibility to your property extremely seriously. We have proven ourselves to be the best residential and commercial roofing team in Tennessee!