Flat roofs have been innovated a lot in in the past 50 years, and as a result, building owners have many different options when it comes to coatings. The key is to find a coating that will shed water and stand up to the elements. In our last blog, we went over the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic roof coatings. There are more other common types of roof coatings, and today, we are going to look at another type of roof coating!

The 1960s saw the birth of spray foam coatings. They are a great solution for built-up roofs or single-ply roofs. They are a matrix of closed air pockets, which makes them tough and yet able to flex with temperature changes without cracking.

The pros of a spray foam roof include its longevity. It has a very long life expectancy and provides superior energy efficiency. Spray foam is also very cost-effective, which makes

Spray foam roofs have a few disadvantages. If they are applied by inexperienced crews, they end up uneven. They need to be applied in an even thickness, so do your research and make sure you have a skilled crew who know what they’re doing.

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