Metal roofs are skyrocketing in popularity for a reason: they work. Where they may have rusted in the past, they are now nearly invincible thanks to the work of scientists and innovators. We have discussed the forms they take, but it’s time to look at the most important aspect: the material. What metals are used in these durable roofs? Can you choose different types? Read on – we will reveal all!



This is probably the least popular material for roofs for several reasons. Though it is very lightweight and won’t rust, it must be painted and is susceptible to dents due to its softness. Additionally, aluminum is a precious resource, and many environmentalists feel it has more essential uses than roofing.


Steel is the most common metal roofing material. It is heavier than aluminum, but it is also more durable. It can be coated several ways to prevent rusting, but is usually coated with zinc before being sealed. After that, a combination of epoxy and baked-on acrylic offers incredible toughness. Once color is added, the steel is ready to give elite protection to any structure.

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