We all know that moisture is one of the biggest threats against our homes. If your roof is compromised, water can leak into your home and start to rot the beams. It also grows mold, which makes your home both unhealthy and weak. Eventually, your home can become very unsafe. There is no reason for your roof to reach this point. Tim Leeper Roofing is a world-class roofing company with the roofing services to keep your roof like new.

In our last blog, we explored three of the roof inspections that may be required during your roof replacement. These requirements differ based on location, so you will want to contact us to understand what is required in Tennessee. In this blog, we will finish up the inspections with the two final inspections you may be required to have.

In Progress Inspection

If you are required to have an in-progress inspection, this takes place with the dry-in inspection. It is similar, but focused entirely on approval of materials and methods. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have.

Final Roof Inspection

If this inspection is successful, your city can close the permit out and move it to their records. The inspector will make sure that everything complies with the state and local codes and that all work has been completed. Once the inspector signs the inspection card, make sure you keep it for your records.

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