Tim Leeper Roofing is proud to have the extensive experience required to maintain every part of your roof system. Your roof is your home or building’s first defense against the elements, and when it has troubles, your entire structure can be compromised.

The best thing you can do is recognize issues before they get out of hand, and the best way to stay on top of your roof’s status is with professional inspections. Depending on the state, you will need different types of roof inspections. These go beyond the simple assessment that our company will provide for you. Contact us to learn if you need the following inspections in Nashville:

Roof Tear-Off Inspection

This type of inspection is just what it sounds like – the original roof has to be removed so that the underlying structure can be inspected and approved.

Roof Decking Nailing Inspection

This inspection takes place during the above inspection. If your roof was installed before 2004 and it needs to be replaced, your decking will need to be re-nailed with the correct hardware.

Roof Dry-In Inspection

This inspection usually happens with the former three, and it is all about your roof’s ability to keep everything beneath it dry. The inspector will make sure that the materials and flashing are all solid.

At Tim Leeper Roofing, we understand that you have many things vying for your attention. That is why you need to choose our company for all your Nashville roofing needs, including gutter installation. Our honesty, courtesy, and commitment to excellence will take a huge weight off your shoulders. Contact us today to learn more!