Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden hosts a Reader’s Choice Contest each year, in the Middle Tennessee area, in order to find consumers’ best recommendations on everything from restaurants to plumbers, electricians, and yes, roofers! For the second year in a row, Tim Leeper Roofing has been named as Reader’s Choice Top Roofer.

For more than 10 years, Tim Leeper Roofing has stood on the foundational principle that the customer ALWAYS comes first. Tim is grateful for the support in the community and works hard to maintain his reputation as a leader in the roofing industry. Tim’s staff has been characterized as a group of dedicated roofing specialists that truly care about the customer, their situation, and their budget.

The goal of most roofing companies is to sell you on a new roof – whether you truly need one or not. We have all had “roofing salesmen” come to our doors, particularly after a good wind storm, and offer to help us get a new roof paid for by our homeowners insurance. If you have actually sustained damage and need a new roof, Tim Leeper Roofing will be there quickly to assess the damage, protect what can be protected, and get repairs in the works. Tim’s crew will tell you the truth about your roof, and never try to sell you something you don’t need.

Another core value Tim Leeper Roofing embodies is the importance of standing behind their work. Tim Leeper Roofing is local to the Nashville community and plans to be here for a long time. His reputation is very important to Tim and he always backs up his work. After the repairs are done, or the new roof installed, you can rest assured Tim Leeper Roofing will be there if anything comes up. The “knock on the door salesmen” generally do not stay in a market long, and definitely do not offer the assurances of working with a local company.

Tim works hard each day to be a valuable resource in the community; treating his customers the way he would want to be treated in every situation. He knows that having his existing customers talk positively about their experiences and recommend his company to family and friends is the best way to grow his business. That is why he is so thankful to be chosen as Reader’s Choice Best Roofer for two years in a row. It means a lot to Tim that the core values he operates his business under are noticed, and appreciated, by the consumer.