Roofer: “The wood is rotted. You can see the 1×4 going down through here is busted in several spots. You can see the wood where it’s now dead is pulled free and just hanging there. Its got to be fixed. The clashing up under there is tight to get to so we are gonna take it off so we can actually access the area and then put a new piece of wood up when we get finished to close it in. Lot of waviness in the roof but we’re gonna get this felt off of it to inspect the wood a little bit better.”

Margaret Lowe: “Well I knew that the roof was in bad shape when I went down into the lower part of the house, split level and I had water running down the base of the wall from the ceiling, so I new that was bad lepsome work and then as the pouring rain went down it got worse and I knew I really was in trouble. I did not know that I was put in this contest until I saw my name in the 10 finalists. And I thought then, well this was another Margaret Lowe. I didn’t know there was another one. I called my daughter and told her and she said mom I wasn’t supposed to say nothing but that’s you! And then I started oh me I never won nothing in my life but I was joyful and happy but in disbelief and thankful to know that I had that many people who cared about me and my family and Facebook friends and friends from their High School days even people out of state. It was nothing short of a miracle.”