Tim Leeper Roofing uses the most modern techniques and materials to construct highly durable and long-lasting roofs. Our roofing company is proud to provide professional, affordable residential and commercial roof replacement and repairs in Old Hickory, Tennessee. We have been working on roofs since 2004, and have seen some big changes in how roofing is done over the years. However, that’s only a few decades — roofing has been practiced for millennia, and this great history of tradespeople has transformed many times throughout the centuries. This tradition contributes to our modern building approaches and techniques in some subtle and not-so subtle ways, as we will soon get into. We will argue that we are currently in a new Golden Age of roofing.

From building materials to construction strategies, the roofing trade has come a long way since ancient times, but it is still based on some of the fundamental principles discovered thousands of years ago. This article reviews some of those early principles, and explores how far we have come since then.

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Building practices of the past varied enormously in quality. Due to things like the limited availability of material and the regional nature of roofing knowledge, in most cases the standards of the past have been lower than they are today. For example, in 700 CE in Ancient Greece, roofs were made of stone or mud-brick, with houses having either a flat, clay roof or a steep, thatched roof. This type of roof was common for hundreds of years, primarily because it was a quick and efficient way of building roofs. However, the downsides of thatch and mud roofs is that they did not always last particularly long and the quality varied greatly, which made standardization very difficult.

Building a clay roof began with some crossbeams — much as in the construction of roofs today. The Ancient Greeks used crossbeams and covered them with clay or, alternatively, thatched the roof with straw woven tightly together, supported by a frame of poles.

Compare that building style with what we have today. Today, we use highly sophisticated shingles made of materials such as asphalt, concrete, metal, and wood to provide greater choice and durability for the modern building. However, even these materials breakdown over time, which is why after a few decades, your home may be looking a bit drab, or may even have a leak somewhere, due to the breakdown of your roofing tiles. If this is the case, Tim Leeper Roofing is here for you! Call us today to schedule your professional roof repair!


Ancient Greece was a Golden Age when it came to roofing due in large part to their many advancements in the sciences and technology. Here are three examples:

  1. Algebra — The ability to mathematically measure and equate led to the major advancements in building design, safety, and durability.
  2. Geometry — One of the oldest branches of mathematics is mathematics is geometry. Thales of Miletus, Euclid, and Pythagoras all discovered geometric axioms and rules that are still used today.
  3. Surveying tools — The ability to plan out beforehand what your roof will look like allowed for more ambitious, durable design to be implemented.

For these inventions and more, we owe a great deal to the Ancient Greeks when it comes to building quality roofs.


We argue that the modern age of roofing is a new Golden Age because never before has there been the freedom of choice, the quality of materials, the availability of different designs, and the cost-effectiveness of top-of-the-line roofing solutions. In particular, we are in a Golden Age of roofing because roofing is now:

  • Standardized for quality
  • Highly customizable, like never before
  • More cost-effective, through the use of all sorts of tactics and strategies

That being said, a high-quality roof is not guaranteed today. Quality roofing matters, as it can help you do things like:

  • Save money on your energy bills, by having a better insulated, high-quality roof
  • Prevent costly repairs that can add up over time
  • Increase the value of your home

Today, some companies might as well be installing roofs made of mud and straw! Tim Leeper is committed to providing you with roofing solutions that are designed to last at an affordable price. Even though we’d argue we are in a new Golden Age of roofing, this Golden Age still requires the use of experienced, professional roofing installers and repairers, like our roofing team at Tim Leeper Roofing in Nashville. Whatever your home or business’ roofing needs, we can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your roof!