Springtime brings an unmatched excitement for most people. We say goodbye to the cold weather and HELLO to warmth and sun! Spring brings great things like leaves on the trees and beautiful flowers blooming, but it also means things like bugs and lots of rain. Spring rains are often the scapegoat for roof leaks, but they generally only bring out a problem that previously existed; you just may not have been aware.

The easiest maintenance tip for spring is to check your gutters and downspouts. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, and rain comes, the water is going to back up under the eaves and cause damage. Gutters that are not cleaned often and hold debris over time will loosen from the house and start to sag, adding to the water build-up problem. It may take several months for you to notice the damage, and by then it is likely to be a much larger and much more costly repair. The purpose of a downspout is to move rainwater away from your house and protect the foundation. Clogs can cause serious damage over time so be sure to inspect them each spring and make sure water is flowing properly.

As your roof ages, your shingles may do what is called “cupping”, which means the edges of the shingles become brittle and fold up, forming a cup. This can occur simply as the shingle ages, or can be due to a manufacturer defect. With the next heavy rain, you are likely to see water seeping under your roof and traveling to the lowest point it can under the roof. It may be quite a while before you notice the water spot develop on your ceiling in the house, and it is likely that you will need a professional to track down the source of the leak and be sure it is repaired correctly.

Call Tim Leeper Roofing today and schedule an inspection of your home’s roof and gutter system. They will give you an honest opinion on how best to protect the structure of your home, the beauty of your home, AND your budget.