Signs Your Roofing Contractor Is Ripping You Off

It doesn’t feel very good to put your trust in a roofing contractor, only to find out they’ve ripped you off and you’re out the money you spent on their shady services. Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the roofing industry. In an effort to help you make an informed decision when working with roofers, and to help you know the signs to look out for that you’re being ripped off, your friends at Tim Leeper Roofing have a few handy tips you can use to spot a scammer before it’s too late. Keep reading to learn more.

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Door-to-Door Solicitation

A common tactic shady roofers use to generate business and an easy profit is by going door-to-door to bait unsuspecting homeowners into their scam. This is especially common in the days following a storm that has passed through the area. If a roofer comes to your door and tells you they spotted roof damage on your home and they want to take a closer look — be wary! For one, they aren’t getting the best view of your roof from the ground to fully determine if there is roof damage, and two, most reputable roofers utilize ethical marketing and advertising techniques to generate business.

Tip: If a roofer comes to your door telling you your roof needs a repair or replacement, kindly decline and contact a roofer you can trust to schedule a free roof inspection.

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They Request a Large Down Payment

Another sure sign of a roof scammer is when the contractor asks for a ridiculously large deposit or down payment. Many roofers don’t require a down payment and can order materials and supplies without it, while some may require a reasonable deposit of anywhere between 10-15% to cover materials. That being said, if a roofer is asking for more than 20%, give them a hard pass.

Tip: If what the contractor is asking seems unreasonable, call around and talk to other roofing companies to ask them about their policy on deposits.

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No Credentials, No Insurance, No Permits = No Good

A telltale sign that you’re getting ripped off by someone claiming to be a professional roofer is when they cannot produce the necessary credentials needed to legally complete the job. If a roofer is reluctant to provide a copy of their license or they can’t provide proof of insurance, this is a red flag. If the roofer says they don’t need a permit to complete the job, there’s probably a very good reason why.

Keep in mind that all contracting work completed by a professional must follow certain protocols according to local, state, and federal laws/guidelines. This includes obtaining the proper permits for the work being completed.

Tip: When shopping around for roofers or getting to know the one you’ve chosen to work with, do your due diligence by checking on their license, asking about insurance, and check out their credentials that should be easy to spot on their website and marketing materials.

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We hope you have found these tips helpful so that you can prevent being ripped off by a shady roofer. If you want to partner with a reputable roofing contractor who you can trust from start to finish, then contact your friends at Tim Leeper Roofing to request a free estimate for maintenance, repairs, and roof replacements in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.