Tim Leeper Roofing Roof Giveaway from Good People Studios on Vimeo.

(Video Transcription) Tim Leeper Roof Giveaway is very simply that we want to find somebody who really has a need for a roof but also somebody whose story goes a long with that to validate that. There are lots of people in our community that can use a hand-up, they are not looking for a handout. They could really use some help, and they could really use it. There are different times in our life where we all needed that so we wanted to be able to do that with a roof. To be considered you need to be a homeowner. We also want to make sure you that you don’t nominate yourself, nominate somebody else. And you need to be local to the middle Tennessee area. We’re gonna accept nominations until the end of the day on the 24th of November We’ll then collect videos from the finalist and we will begin the voting on December 2nd and will conclude the voting on December 13th. And by Christmas, the family or individual that wins the roof will have a roof. For all the details to the rules, just go to and you will have all your entries there.