As the caretakers of your Tennessee roof, we are dedicated to ensuring that your entire roof system is healthy. That includes your gutters. Gutters have the very important job of taking water from your roof away from your home. Because water undermines foundations, gutters perform an extremely important job.

In our last blog, we went over two big signs that your gutters need some help. Because it is so important to keep your gutters in top shape, here are three more signs.

Water marks or damage beneath the gutters

On a sunny, dry day, inspect your gutters. If there is water damage on the material directly beneath the gutters, you may have leaks or overflowing water. This type of water flow will damage your soffit and fascia material, so get it taken care of quickly.

Any cracks or splits

Small cracks turn into big cracks, so even though they do not seem like a big deal, you need to address them. Once a gutter is cracked, water can damage the gutter as well as the boards behind the gutter, the shingles above it, and the foundation below it.

Bonus: Peeling paint around or on the gutters and/or flecks of orange.

The paint used on gutters is designed to tough out typical seasonal wear. However, if you are seeing flecks of paint or orange rust flakes, water may be constantly present in your gutters. That means the gutter is not removing water correctly or that damage like cracks is present. Get a professional look.

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