Date Published: January 11th, 2016

Roofs are made to last for decades, and they can last even longer if they are maintained correctly. At Tim Leeper Roofing, we know what it takes to keep a roof looking and acting young for years. We are experts at maintaining both residential and commercial roofing, so whether your home needs attention or your business needs maintenance, we are your solution.

In our last blog, we explored and cleared up some myths about roof leaks. When you do not understand roof leaks, it is easy to be taken advantage of by the kinds of roofers we left behind when we formed Tim Leeper Roofing. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to address a few more myths.

MYTH: A water stain on the wall means you have a roof leak.

Truth: Your wall stain needs to be attached to a ceiling stain (especially at a corner) if you want to suspect your roof. If the stain is by the floor or windows, you should give a painter a call to improve your home’s waterproofing.

MYTH: Fiberglass insulation absorbs a lot of water and gets moldy before the water can reach your ceiling to make a stain.

Truth: Fiberglass cannot absorb anything. The water from a roof leak will go around your insulation and go straight to your ceiling’s sheet rock. If you’re worried about mold, check the wood of your roof.

When you need a roofer who will do what it takes to give you the roofing services you need, you need Tim Leeper Roofing. We are a Top Rated Local® Roofer and have been nationally recognized for our commitment to excellence. Contact us to learn more about our diverse range of specialities. We are ready to serve!