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All homeowners dread roof leaks, but they don’t always understand them. In our next few blogs, we are going to dispel some myths about roof leaks. There is nothing like accurate knowledge when it comes to lessening anxiety!

MYTH: Stains show up a long distance from the leak.

Truth: Most leaks are very close to the resulting stains – usually directly above or just a few yards away.

MYTH: A ceiling stain always means you have a roof leak.

Truth: Before you call a roofer, go ahead and check to make sure that the stain isn’t near your A/C ducts. There is a chance that your A/C’s pan is full of water the unit needs service.

MYTH: Water is intelligent.

Truth: This one seems obvious, but many people treat water leaks like the moisture has the ability to plan its own paths. As a result, people try complex solutions that end up being expensive. Water is simple and the remedies should also be simple.

Do not settle for a roofer who seems just good enough. Tim Leeper Roofing never compromises excellence for convenience, and all of our staff has extensive experience with all roofing services, including gutter installation. Give us a call today!