It is amazing how many people forget about their roofs! Because roofs are generally out of sight, they are also out of mind. That is why Tim Leeper roofing is so committed to providing roof inspections and other professional services. We understand that your roof plays a huge role in keeping you safe and dry and you cannot afford to have it compromised.

In our last two blogs, we answered several frequently asked questions about commercial roofing. We are going to answer a few more, because commercial roofing can be complex.

If a roofing accident happens on my property, who is liable?

The only roofing companies you should ever hire will insure their workers so that you do not have to pay the price for any accidents. Always ask to see the Certificate of Insurance. Tim Leeper Roofing will proudly show ours to you.

When I replace my roof, do I need a building permit?

Yes you do. We will include the permit in our proposal to you so that everything is legal and above-board.

I have solar panels. Do they need to be removed in order for my roof to be repaired/replaced?

Most likely, the panels will need to be removed. Before we come to work on your roof, you will want to get a plumber or electrician to uninstall them.

Do not let your roof become a source of stress when it is supposed to be a source of comfort. Tim Leeper roofing is here to bring you peace of mind that frees you up to take your business to the next level. Keep your employees and customers safe and comfortable so everyone can focus on moving forward. Call us today!