What is Cupping?

A condition known as “cupping” occurs when roof shingles sag in the center area and peel up along the edges resulting in a little cup shape.

There are a few different ways cupping can develop:

When shingles are improperly installed over an existing roof or are overexposed

Shingles have become worn or stressed simply because of old age

A manufacturing defect in the shingle itself

What are the risks of cupping?

A roof displaying signs of cupping is more vulnerable to wind damage, since cupped shingles are brittle and winds can remove them from a roof more easily. It’s recommended that a roof with cupped shingles not be walked on, since the shingles are more prone to breaking.

If your roof shingles do show signs of cupping, it’s advised that the affected shingles be replaced as soon as possible.

Maybe you’re not sure if you’re roof needs repair…send us photos of your roof. We’ll give you our honest advice.