Seize this opportunity to harness the sun’s power and put it to work in your home with a solar electric system on your roof.

  • Put 30% Back in Your Pocket – Receive 30% of your investment in solar back in the form of tax credits from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan*.
  • Lower Your Energy Bills – Free yourself from your power company with solar energy and watch your electrical bills shrink!
  • Boost the Value of Your Home – According to one of the largest appraisal associations, your home’s value could increase by $20,000 for every $1,000 in energy costs solar saves you!
  • Say Good-Bye to Energy Inflation – Protect your pocketbook from rising energy costs with your own solar power system!
  • Realize Immediate Savings On Your Utility Bills – You will begin enjoying immediate energy savings on day one

*the figure is for informational purposes and professional tax advice should always be obtained

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