Out of State Contractors, Storm Chasers, are contractors that travel from storm to storm.

They care very little about quality, and just want to get the job done and move on. If you have a problem with their work you most likely won’t find them to make repairs or warranty their work. Here are three things that you, the buyer, should know:

1. NO ACCOUNTABILITY…if a local contractor does a roof, he is not able to hide from bad workmanship. Storm Chaser companies have no accountability and know it is hard to find them in another state if they have problems down the road.

2. DECEPTION…insurance fraud is most likely to happen with storm chaser contractors. This is why some companies come to a disaster area and purchase rights to a local company. The company sells their soul and lets the company run with their local name…disgraceful.

3. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS…when you use local contractors, you support people who shop in local supermarkets, little league coaches and people in your churches. Best of all the income earned stays in the Tennessee economy.