For those who don’t have much experience with roofs, dealing with roof repairs and regular roof maintenance can be intimidating. For example, have you ever wondered how often you should get your roof inspected? What kinds of materials are available when it comes time for a roof replacement? And who can you trust to keep your roof in good condition? In today’s blog post, we are going to answer these questions and offer you a few reminders that hopefully help ease your future roofing worries.

Roofing Inspections Are Essential

Oftentimes, huge roofing problems don’t make themselves known until after a crisis hits. Whether it’s a small leak that grows and ruins a large portion of your roof or a ventilation problem that damages everything in your attic, frequent roof inspections are a sure way to catch problems before they become catastrophes. Roofing contractors recommend performing a roof inspection once or twice a year, depending on your home and your climate.

You Can Perform Roof Inspections

You don’t always have to hire a roofing company to perform a roof inspection. However, we do recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor to conduct your inspection — after all, these professionals are working on roofs day in and day out. However, if you choose to perform your own inspection, you can, and with the help of a roof inspection guide, you can likely catch common problems. If you notice things like water stains, dripping, spots, mold, or missing shingles, you know that some repairs are in order. If you notice a combination of problems, this may warrant a call to your local roofing company. 

Roofing Leaks Aren’t Always Obvious

While obvious leaks are easily spotted, not all leaks are obvious and, therefore, not easily spotted. For example, leaks that affect attics and sunrooms are quite apparent. However, leaks that seep into the shingles and drywall can be harder to spot. They may not become noticeable until they begin to cause drooping spots or discoloration. Keep this in mind when carrying out your inspection.

Roofing Materials Are Varied

If it’s about time to get a new roof and you’re wondering what your options are, know that there is more than asphalt shingles. A good roofing company will be able to offer a material that best matches your primary interest — eco-friendly, cost, longevity, style, personalization, etc. Common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, metal roof, clay tiles, slate, wood shingles, shake, and more. At Tim Leeper Roofing, we are proud to offer a variety of roofing materials. Contact us today to learn more.

Roofing Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

While new roofs can be a serious investment, not all roof replacements are expensive. In fact, most roofing contractors work with insurance companies to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Going Local Makes All The Difference

Although hiring a local roofing company will not guarantee that you get excellent results, it will certainly increase the chances. Local roofing companies are typically invested in their communities and in their local reputation. At Tim Leeper Roofing, this is certainly the case. We take tremendous pride in providing quality services that improve our community. It is our goal to provide Nashville with the very best residential and commercial roofing services. When you partner with us, we let transparency, professionalism, experience, and excellence guide all that we do. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to set up your free quote.

Keep these reminders in mind when dealing with roofing matters. When looking for the right roofing contractors to handle your commercial or residential job, be sure to check out our recent blog post on Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Roofing Contractors.