Condensation of water vapor on cold surfaces in attics can cause attic wood products to rot, which can lead to costly repairs. Condensation typically occurs when warm, moist air migrates into the attic from living spaces below. Research indicates unusually high humidity levels in the home’s living spaces are strongly associated with attic condensation problems.

Building codes have some requirements that attempt to prevent the problem of attic condensation. But codes do not address all the issues, and many houses are built without following building codes. It is the builder or designer’s job to understand the relationship of humidity and air movement when designing and constructing the house so these problems don’t occur. So what can you the home owner do?

Here are 3 tips for home owners to Successful Wood Rot Prevention

Prevent warm, moist air in living spaces from infiltrating into the attic with a good air barrier and appropriate water vapor control at the base of the attic.

Provide good attic ventilation to replace warm air in the attic with cold outside air.

Provide adequate attic insulation to reduce the transmission of heat into the attic from living spaces below.

For best results…it helps to consult a professional for their recommendations to avoid water damage in your home.

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