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Tim Leeper does not shy away from a challenge. Most contractors don’t specialize in low slope systems. We have a team of installers who have worked on jobs such as the Legislative Plaza and the Ryman Auditorium, so we understand how critical it is to keep your business running while a roof is in progress. The most important feedback we get from customers is our service after the install. Let us earn your trust with your next project. If nothing else, we can give you a roof inspection and a second opinion. A commercial roofing replacement is a sizable investment, and we may be able to save you thousands of dollars with the right material or installation.


Tim Leeper holds certifications with Versico, Gen Flex, Firestone, Fibertite, Durolast, American Weatherstar, Conklin among others. We can replace most any roof of most any manufacturer and get you a no-dollar limit warranty with your system. Ask us about your project details. We service all types of roofs! You would be surprised at the calls we take, but customers need answers when they have a leaking roof, not inexperience. We deliver results.  A roof that has regular maintenance lasts longer than one that is simply installed and only revisited when it fails to perform. Extend the life of your commercial roof with a regular maintenance program. Ask us for details.