If you have a flat roof, also known as a low-slope roof, and you haven’t considered getting it coated, today’s the day! A roof coating will revolutionize your budget and your employees’ comfort. It is well worth the investment, and will often pay for itself over time.

Roof coatings provide lasting benefits by creating a seamless, uniform surface that easily repels water and UV rays. Not only do they stay adhered to the roof in strong winds and extreme weather, but they also expand and contract with weather changes, which makes them impervious to temperature fluctuations. They are lightweight and can be added to an already-existing roof without increasing the load on the structure. That means that if your roof is sound, you can coat it without replacing it and save a lot of money.

Once you have a roof coating, you will see your heating and cooling expenses go down. You can tell your customers that you are using energy-efficient roofing. You can get through a rainstorm without worrying about ponding. You can settle in, knowing your roof will last for decades. Best of all, your roof coating is 100% tax deductible, a unique characteristic that will save you more money.

As top rated roofing contractors, we work hard to stay out on the cutting edge of proven roofing technology. Providing the businesses of the Nashville area with world-class roofing services is our passion, and when you work with us, you can depend on our excellence, transparency, and dependability. Contact Nashville’s Top Rated Local® Roofer today and learn more!